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It is time for the next generation of membership platforms. One that focuses as much on the end-user as it does on the content creator. Too often, that part of the experience is neglected, leaving members of a creator’s community feeling short-changed. As a result, it has a knock-on effect causing churn, loss of existing and potential members, perhaps forever. In turn, it creates a vicious circle where everyone loses out.

Here at Memberd, we work differently. We focus equally on the content creators and the community of members they have built up, creating a genuine community, one made up of enthusiastic individuals who can interact and share not just with creators but also with each other. This helps creators construct a space where everyone feels more engaged as well as feel part of something bigger than just passively being another number to a membership. In a nutshell, Memberd focuses on bringing the experience that made creators fall in love with creating and made their community fall in love with them. We provide an endless monetary cycle for creators, ensure their community want to stay and support them, and support what they love doing. We create a virtuous circle, where everyone is a winner.

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When describing the benefits of Memberd, users mention the two-way nature of the platform, which is a perfect way of explaining how it is different. The experience that the paying members receive, the value they enjoy, is one of a kind. There is a genuine community created: one that engenders valuable, inspirational connections. Memberd brings a magnitude of thoughtful features that connect creators with their community, such as video responding to comments rather than leaving likes, which may seem a small gesture but, to the receiver would mean the world!

Going the other way, the content creators get to manifest a more personable experience for members in a way that just has not been done. For those starting out with only a handful of members, this is invaluable as we enable creators to enjoy the process of building their communities in a comfortable, think and judge-free zone where they can experiment. When creators reach the required subscriber count, they can give an insight into what their membership will entail and what they will be charging for; whether it be for projects, to help raise money, or just for personal use. The transparent approach creators have allows their community to feel like they’re invested in them, rather than just investing in them.

Our mission


Creating a multi-social use members club. Providing both a genuine opportunity to support creators while giving users value for money and a memorable experience.


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Express, experiment your content on Memberd. Use Memberd as your home for the creativity you don’t want to share with the world just the community of people who love you and what you do.

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Creators, entertainers and mentors all have their own members club. Once you are a part of their members club you can connect, interact and engage with them and the many others who follow them too!

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There are people who like you and there are people who love. We are 100% sure everyone who joins your member club loves you and what you do and will support so why not generate weekly or monthly recurring income when you set your account to premium to help do the thing which you want to do.

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